Trimming Trees

Work crews from Penn Line Tree Service and Davey Resource Group are working on behalf of Duquesne Light to inspect trees and shrubs along power transmission lines in Mt. Lebanon. Transmission lines run along tall metal towers, as opposed to distribution lines, which are attached to wooden poles on most streets. Tree issues are one of the leading causes of power outages in the area.

The contractors wear uniforms and have ID badges. If your yard contains trees or shrubs that need attention and you are not home, the contractors will leave a door card with contact information so that a project manager can discuss the plans for your property. Trees that need to be pruned or removed will be marked with either spray paint or flags. Yellow marks are for trees that need to be pruned. Blue marks are for trees that must be removed.

The contractors support a plan called Right Tree, Right Place, which seeks to ensure a selection of trees and shrubs that will not impede the lines now, or in the future. Some of the trees removed may not yet be that tall, but that particular species of tree, such as a silver maple, will grow so tall that they would eventually become an impediment. Some taller trees could remain untouched if they will not continue to grow to a dangerous point.

Trimming and removal work is expected to continue into 2023. The planner can also speak with you about Duquesne Light’s nursery replanting program, which pays for trees and shrubs to be replaced in some cases.

To see a list of streets the contractors will be visiting, and a list of power line-friendly vegetation, visit our municipal website.