Trolley Stop Adventures

In our June issue, we sought to discover what’s waiting just a few stops down Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s Silver Trolley Line. Now it’s time to jump on the Red Line and see what’s happening right off the Potomac Avenue stop in Dormont. We’ll focus on a few places directly on Potomac or on the corner of West Liberty. If you wander beyond just these local streets, you can find yourself immersed in a full day of exploration.

Destination 1

Dor-Stop Restaurant

1430 Potomac Avenue

This is an early morning stop. Make sure to arrive with an empty stomach! The Dor-Stop Restaurant opened in 1986 and has been feeding breakfast lovers ever since. If you’re a fan of hotcakes, this place is calling your name. With multiple varieties of pancakes, you’ll be sure to find one to satisfy your sweet cravings. If pancakes aren’t your thing, you can choose from various savory selections as well.

You may recognize the name of this restaurant, considering the Food Network spotlighted it in 2008 on the popular show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The episode airs to this day and the Dor-Stop experiences an influx of social media traffic and customers each time the show airs.

Check their hours before planning your visit. Like many other restaurants, the Dor-Stop has faced staffing shortages and they were forced to limit their hours. If you find yourself in love with their food and nostalgic atmosphere, you could even consider joining their team!


Destination 2

Beyond Bedtime Books

1453 Potomac Avenue

After a hearty breakfast, head back down Potomac Avenue and pop into Beyond Bedtime Books to grab a novel for your ride home. This has been a used bookstore for around 30 years and store owner Jamie Grassman remodeled and changed the name in 2010.

Beyond Bedtime’s shelves are lined with books from every genre imaginable, and you may even be able to snag a current title at a discounted price. You can also take advantage of sidewalk sales in the spring and summer months.

Prior to making your final selection, Grassman would be thrilled to talk recommendations with you or chat about novels you’ve read in the past. She might choose your next favorite read.


Destination 3

Well Oiled

1414 Potomac Avenue

With a new book in hand, you can wander over to Well Oiled, a shop that specializes in aromatherapy. Take a deep breath before perusing the items they offer to lead you in your spiritual path. You’ll find metaphysical and healing options in every nook and cranny in the store.

Crystals are the biggest seller but essential oils and candles are close behind. You can purchase an array of offerings to make your house even more of a home.

Before heading out, check into Well Oiled’s classes and workshops. The options change each month, and you may find yourself enrolling in a slot for tarot reading, meditation, energy clearing, rituals or learning about Reiki.


Destination 4

Tal & Bert 

2892 W. Liberty Avenue

Head out from Well Oiled to snag some original art over at Tal & Bert, at the corner of Potomac and West Liberty. Owners Val and Ray Talbert opened the store in 2020, later adding a second location in Sharpsburg. Tal & Bert features unique pieces from more than 70 artists and spotlights small businesses. All of the artists with space here sell handmade items such as candles and planters, etc.

Take your time to stop at each section of the store to find various handmade functional pieces of art. You’ll then understand why Tal & Bert was recently featured in Mt. Lebanon Magazine and on PTL (Pittsburgh Today Live) on KDKA.

If you possess a passion for creating this type of art, the owners might even be open to working with you to include some of your collection. If you’re not quite the seasoned artist, check out the workshops available to hone your skills.


Destination 5

Dormont Florist

2900 W. Liberty Avenue

Just before heading back to the trolley, jump over to Dormont Florist (right across from Tal & Bert). Watch out for Waffles upon entry! Not another breakfast selection, but the shop’s irresistible mini-Australian Shepherd pup. Be prepared to be distracted by the cuteness before taking in the aroma of freshly cut flowers.

Dormont Florist is accustomed to serving trolley riders and is equipped with boxes so you can safely transport your purchases.  Customers can work with the shop on custom arrangements. But you can also grab and go from the cooler.

Besides flowers, one of Dormont Florist’s biggest sellers is sympathy lanterns, handcrafted glass and wood lanterns with words of comfort etched into the glass.


Destination 6 


Flex those arm muscles and be prepared to carry all your newly acquired goodies on your ride home. Potomac Avenue and the surrounding area boasts far too many retailers to squeeze in with just a few stops. Rest assured; you can find a multitude of food options along the way so you won’t go hungry with all the walking. Don’t be surprised that venturing out on a sunny Saturday may leave you looking back and wondering where the day has gone.