Unity in the Community

Graphic of a diverse group of people, stating "Unity in the Community."


n 2021, 36 resident volunteers collaborated to implement the municipality’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) project with a goal of making Mt. Lebanon a more welcoming community. The Mt. Lebanon Commission established this DEI committee to work with the Mt. Lebanon Community Relations Board (CRB). This year, after careful study, the Commission plans to implement DEI proposals originating from the volunteers.

One groundbreaking initiative created by DEI committee members was the community-wide event, “Building the Beloved Community: How Everyone Can Play Their Part,” held over four days in February, featuring Dr. Ali Michael, a former Mt. Lebanon resident. Meeting throughout 2021, members of the DEI community awareness and community building subgroup discussed bringing together organizations within Mt. Lebanon to help build and sustain a healthy multiracial community.

These discussions culminated in the Rev. Noah Evans, a rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, spearheading Dr. Michael’s weekend-long meetings and presentations to Mt. Lebanon community members. A consortium of nonprofit, educational and faith-based groups, including the Mt. Lebanon School District and municipality, sponsored Dr. Michael’s visit. “This is a sign of our community’s growing commitment to systemic equity and anti-racism work as an avenue to building a more inclusive and just society,” Rev. Evans said.

This year, the commission appointed four additional at-large members to the CRB to build capacity to undertake additional DEI programming. The CRB, with its dynamic community of volunteers, will continue to fulfill its mission to provide a welcoming and sharing community for diverse perspectives and experiences.