update from the staff

Several senior staffers were at conferences this week, updating their certifications and keeping up with emerging trends in their various fields, so the report is short.  Here are a few things discussed at staff meeting that may be of interest:

* Mt. Lebanon Police welcome the new anti-texting law and will be enforcing it.  The law prohibits using any mobile device for emailing or texting while driving (although you are still allowed to talk on the phone or look up a number.)  The new law will admittedly be difficult to enforce; however, police will be focusing on texting as a contributing factor in accidents.

* Mt. Lebanon Municipality’s updated website, www.mtlebanon.org, is virtually completed and should be ready to launch on April 13.

*  Washington Road will be closed Uptown on Saturday, March 10, at about 10 a.m. so that a helicopter can deliver a new air conditioning unit to the roof of 750 Washington Road, the condo complex next to the Municipal Building.

* The Fire Department has received national accreditation, one of only only 160 departments in the United States and Canada to achieve this distinction.  The process of achieving accreditation has taken several years of very hard work on the part of Chief Nick Sohyda, the platoon chiefs and the  staff.  Congratulations to all.

* The traffic board has recommended a number of traffic calming improvement that the Commission will vote on this coming Tuesday at 8 p.m.

*  Mt. Lebanon is in the process of renewing its license with the Baseball Association for the operation of Dixon and Middle Fields.  This license makes the association responsible for the operation of the concessions stand (and allows them to keep the proceeds), sets  hours for play and provides that the association pay for the electrical costs for the lighting.

* The Commission is interesting in discussing potential capital improvements to the swimming pool and fields.  These topics have been discussed at length by past commissions, but the new Commission is interesting in hearing about options and making an informed decision as to whether such recreation improvements are merited.

* The Commission will be filling vacancies on various boards and authorities for the terms that expire March 31.  Thanks to everyone who submitted an application for consideration.

* The Public Information Office will be helping to promote enrollment in a 20-30 year cancer prevention survey sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  Signup for participation at the survey will take place at this year’s Relay for Life.  Additional information will appear in various media over the next three months. Teresa Donatelli of Mt Lebanon is the volunteer chair of the enrollment project.