Vaya con tacos

Marco Honores, left, is the new owner of the Vaya Mexican Street Food truck, which he purchased from Juan Grimaldo, right, owner of Totopo, after operating the truck for five years. /Photo: Judy Macoskey

Totopo’s food truck has a new owner, a new look and a new name.

Marco Honores, Academy Avenue, is the new owner of the truck he’s been operating for five seasons. It’s now purple and orange and called Vaya Mexican Street Food.

Totopo owner Juan Grimaldo is certain that Vaya is in good hands. “I’m very confident that Marco’s going to be successful,” he said.

As Grimaldo continues to expand his business, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to let Honores strike out on his own. In addition to Totopo, 660 Washington Road, and Tocayo in Shadyside, Grimaldo also owns Poco Loco, 698 Washington Road, which opened last August.

“We may have a new name, but we still have the same dedication to delivering the high-quality Mexican food that you’ve come to expect,” said Grimaldo.

For now, Totopo will continue providing made-to-order tacos, burritos and more for Vaya. After this season, Honores will find another commissary kitchen.

The popularity of food trucks soared during the pandemic. It was an informal and organic way for restaurants to serve customers when they couldn’t welcome them into their establishments.

“They became like ice cream trucks. That’s how we got into the neighborhoods,” said Honores.

Now, Food Truck Fridays are commonplace, and it’s not unusual to find food trucks outside brewpubs. “Most of the breweries don’t have kitchens. It’s like the perfect marriage. They call the food trucks and we park in front of the brewery and it’s a win-win,” Grimaldo said.

Food truck festivals are also popping up everywhere. Some are free, and others charge a fee to participate. Honores hopes Vaya makes its way into the Pittsburgh Taco Festival this year. “It’s a huge event. I have that day available,” he said.

For more details on where to find the Vaya Mexican Street Food truck, check out Locations for the week are posted every Monday.