Walkin’ in LA

The 1980’s classic by Missing Persons proclaimed that “nobody walks in LA.” While that might have been true then, time have certainly changed.

I recently visited with my eldest son, Alex, his friend, Olivia, and their dog, Colby, at their new digs in the LA neighborhood of Silver Lake. We took Colby for several neighborhood walks and hiked a few nature trails in both city and state parks. Alex and I also strolled St. Monica beach at sunset.

Technically speaking there isn’t much of a difference between walking and hiking. While generally speaking, hiking is done in a natural setting while walking is done indoors or in an urban setting. Avid hikers will also maintain that anything under two miles is just a walk.

So, maybe ours were just walks. But they were enjoyable. We saw a lot and experienced great views.

Come along with me and I’ll show you!

The view from the Silver Lake Reservoir’s foot path loop

The view from the Silver Lake Reservoir’s foot path loop.

Heidelberg Park and Mt. Washington in the Highland Park neighborhood

Elysian Park, Los Angeles 


Along Mulholland Drive in Hollywood Hills 


Charmlee Wilderness Park, above Malibu

Strolling Santa Monica Beach at sunset