Fake News?  Seems mtl fell for it—along with Wikipedia, several other online sources and lots of Mt. Lebanon folks—when we indicated in our June “Know Your Town” quiz that Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch was from Mt. Lebanon.  Most of us on the mtl staff have been around for a long time, and we all had heard and believed that Hatch was a Mt. Lebanon High School graduate.  (He is not; he grew up in Pleasant Hills, graduated from Baldwin High and Pitt Law schools.)  So how did this piece of misinformation become local lore to the point that Hatch was even once a candidate for the high school’s Outstanding Alumni Award?  School District Communications Director Cissy Bowman says that when Hatch was nominated for the award, the district did extensive research and could find no record of him attending or graduating.  She thinks that the misconception may have started because some other Utah legislator grew up in Mt. Lebanon, but we can’t verify that.  Our apologies for stealing our neighbors’ claim to fame.  We will console ourselves with the fact that if Hatch lived in the South Hills, he probably spent some time in Mt. Lebanon.  Maybe at the legendary Lebanon Lodge?  And Joe Manganiello, Mark Cuban, Ming-Na and Gillian Jacobs really did live here—we knew them and their families.  Thanks to lawyer and former Mt. Lebanon Commissioner Jim Strader—always a stickler for the facts—for calling this to our attention.

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