yinz like us!

Yinz really like us!

The March numbers are in. Our website, lebomag.com, received 3,780 visits, from 2,910 unique visitors. Visits averaged about 4 minutes each and total number of page views topped out at 20,469.

We had a 2.91 percent bounce rate, which means visitors who just land on one page and bounce on out of the site. Of course we’re shooting for a 0 percent bounce rate, but 2.91 is pretty good, especially considering that we get more than a few visitors who think we’re some kind of Lebanese news site (seriously). Thanks to everyone who visited us, bookmarked us and added us to your social readers and RSS feeds. Stop back and see us again.

Our Top Ten pages in March:
1. Home page
2. Give ‘em room to respond
3. Lebo Latest
4. Events
5. Features
6. Community news
7. People
8. Does Lebo have a new varsity football coach?
9. The Payoff for Sustainability
10 En Pointe Living