home is where the vampire is

When you think about your home, what is most important to you???





Addressing energy efficiency issues in your home will increase health, comfort, and safety, and decrease your monthly energy bills – leading to an:


Abby Lawler Morycz and I are your ReEnergize Mt. Lebanon Energy Ambassadors. We invite you to visit the Environmental Sustainability Board and the Environmental Team table at Earth Day Mt. Lebanon in Mt. Lebanon Park on Saturday to learn how energy conservation can increase your quality of life. You can contact us at ReEnergize.Mt.Lebanon@gmail.com as well.

We can show you how you can reduce energy consumption through a series of simple, moderate and advanced steps; provide an educational program for your organization; connect you with home energy experts and funding programs; and collect data on your energy savings and improved quality of life to update the Mt. Lebanon Climate Action Plan.

Simple Step 1 involves learning how your energy is used and implementing a few DIY strategies:

Use the light from the sun, called DAYLIGHTING and TURN OFF your light fixtures and electrical devices when they are not in use. The energy that we use for lighting approximately equals the energy that we use for water heating. The energy that we use for appliances, electronics and other electrical devices equals our heating energy.

Simple Step 2 is understanding how electrical appliances, called Vampire Loads, waste energy.

Turn OFF or PULL THE PLUG on small appliances; technology (computers, TVs, gaming devices, printers), coffee makers, radios, microwaves, etc.


We hope that you will join us for EARTH DAY MT. LEBANON, in MT. LEBANON PARK, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to learn more and to sign up to contribute data to the Mt. Lebanon Climate Action Plan.

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