imagine that — a cat in hat





n the upcoming week, get ready, get set,

for a high school musical you won’t soon forget!

It’s sure to be fun,

it’s bound to be bright,

so come join us on opening night!cat in hat

It’s got Horton Hears a Who,

and Thing One and Thing Two,

and who could forget the Grinch’s young Cindy Lou!

From Yertle the Turtle to the Cat in the Hat,

this musical’s got them all

‘cause a person’s a person no matter how big or how small!

From a few rhyming stories to a short film or two,

now Mt Lebanon’s bringing it directly to you!

So please drop in for Seussical,

the first-ever-Dr. Seuss musical!

Join us! May 8 through 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the High School Auditorium. Go online at or call 412-344-2030 to purchase your tickets!


Photos by Richard Russell

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