take me out to the ball game

I am a true baseball fan and I love the Pirates. Please don’t tell me how long it’s been since the Pirates have had a winning season or won a World Series. I know the answers and they won’t squash my optimism.


The author, center, and her niece and nephew enjoy PNC Park and a Buccos game.

To me, there’s something magical about baseball. The season brings warm weather and my ever hopeful outlook. I find an allure in its simplicity and nostalgia. It’s our national pastime for a reason…it’s family-friendly and just down-right American. If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 things you need to do.


1. Visit PNC Park. It’s a real treasure that’s both cozy and showy. There’s not a bad seat in the park and it shows off the city skyline beautifully.

2. Understand that it’s a whole new ballgame. It doesn’t matter what the team did yesterday or what they will do tomorrow; it’s all about the moment and anything can happen.

3. There’s no rush or time clock. Nine innings will come in their own time. Enjoy the pace; it’s summertime!

4. Relax. Smell the fresh cut grass. Savor a ballpark hot dog.

5. Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and cheer for the Bucs.

6. Experience the thrill as a towering fly ball clears the outfield wall for a homerun. Applaud a phenomenal pitching performance. Appreciate a perfectly executed double play. Hold your breath while waiting for the umpire’s call on a close play at the plate.

7. Stand up, link arms, and sway to the music while singing “Take Me out to the Ball Game.”

8. Enjoy watching the Pirates’ blend of baseball veterans and new young talent. You may be watching a future hall-of-famer!

100_2366 9. There’s no major pre-planning required. Decide to go to a Pirates game and simply show up and purchase your tickets.

10. You can treat the family without breaking the bank.

This season, you’ll find me in section 113. See you at the ballpark!

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