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In case you are looking for something interesting on the web, here’s a few blogs I read almost every day.



This is great reading for those of us who are dedicated readers of self-improvement books. In it, I learned to never waste time and energy complaining. Craig Jarrow, the author of Time Management Ninja will introduce you to software that may help you in your quest for productivity. He will suggest ways to curb email addiction and other habits that are getting in the way of your success. There is new material almost every day, but you can lose yourself in the archives if you don’t watch out.




Freakonomics Blog is a spin off from the famous book of that name. Although nominally about economics, it is really about unobserved and unintended consequences of nearly everything. At times, it resembles a high-brow Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Freakonomics will also provide links to all kinds of interesting reading, including some esoteric academic stuff. Freakonomics taught me how to look under the surface and to keep an open mind until there is convincing evidence. Recent titles include: “Couples Who Meet Online Have Better Marriages,” “Are Socially Responsible Businesses Bad For Society?” “Black Market Tour Guides at Disney World.”


That's Church


After all that intellectual stuff (entertaining as it may be) you may be ready for a little LOL pure entertainment. If you never heard of Jane Pitt, the once anonymous gadfly who regularly humiliated Mayor Ravenstahl and everybody else in Pittsburgh who was a bit prideful, you have some catching up to do. Virginia Montanez writes this local blog about Pittsburgh and the foibles of everybody in it. After a week or so of following That’s Church, you’ll start looking for an opportunity to punt pigeons. She also captures the worst of the local vernacular. Example:”Yinz share, n’at.” However, if you are squeamish about blue language or are afraid your younger children will discover it on the desktop — skip this one.




If you want the latest skinny on consumer fraud or even just misleading advertising, this is the site for you. On July 5, it ran a piece on how Back to School retailing has joined other holidays by creeping earlier and earlier until it starts the day after the last holiday. Its stock and trade is savvy advice: “When You Change Cable Packages, Don’t Assume Anything,” “How to Find the Very Best Air Conditioner For Your Home.” It also keeps on top of government investigations, lawsuits against manufacturers and retailer and a lot more.

Editor’s note: You can also check out Tuttle’s own blog, at http://www.pittsburghlegalbacktalk.com/. He didn’t add that…we did!



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