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a summer over too quickly

Summer is like Christmas. Just as a child eagerly waits for Santa’s sleigh, we dream of June days spent soaking in the sun. We dig out those swimsuits or plan those vacations. Then it arrives. The weeks are a flurry of activity: beach trips, summer camps, family cookouts. Suddenly it’s the end of August and we’re left in a daze, wondering why the days are getting shorter and stores are already displaying Halloween decorations.Jessica_intern

I swear it was just last week when I took my final exams and piled the contents of my dorm room into my mother’s van. The experience I can credit for making my summer zip by? An internship with Mt. Lebanon Magazine.

Don’t be fooled by movie scenes of fetching coffee or running errands like in The Devil Wears Prada. Within the first week I had assignments, even sitting in on one of many lively editorial meetings. Whether out interviewing some of Mt. Lebanon’s outstanding residents or writing articles in an office staffed by such friendly people, I never tired of the experience. How could I not enjoy chatting with aspiring entrepreneurs in coffee shops along Washington Road or spending an afternoon in District Judge Blaise Larotonda’s criminal court? The hardest part was using only a few hundred words to capture the enthusiasm and passion of the people I encountered.

Seeing summer go is always sad, but I’m especially reluctant this year to dust off my Rubbermaids and return to school. I know I’ll be sitting in class, wondering what stories and pictures the magazine’s next issue will include.

All that’s left to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone I talked to, for allowing me to glimpse into your lives. Thank you to my family, for listening to endless stories about my day and giving me a passion for writing in the first place. Thank you to Asian food and coffee, for getting me through days when I want to revise every sentence I write.

Most importantly, thank you to the staff at Mt. Lebanon Magazine. I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me into your world these past months. You have helped me grow both as a writer and a person. No matter where I wind up after college—down the block or halfway across the world—you can be sure I’ll always be reading Mt. Lebanon Magazine.


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    I went to traffic court today. I felt like a chicken going into KFC. I was in a blind spot that created an accident. The only way it could have been avoided is if the bushes were not there. Bottom line my fault. The well mannered and groomed young man That hit me from me pulling out was so nice. Most young people would have probably swore or something. That was not the case. I hated Mount Lebanon after an experience In traffic court for my son, he was not at fault but I handled the situation the wrong way. Blaise is a good guy. I got it today. People in Mount Lebanon are the elite if Pittsburgh. They earned the right to live the way most of us dream, And he makes sure his community us safe. He won’t put up with any BS. My ex lived up there. He was a trouble maker and I believe he got what he deserved. He can call it harassment but back then he was doing illegal things. Just imagine for example, you work your behind off in college to be a doctor, lawyer. You have a beautiful home and your neighbors are on drugs running a muck. I wish my life turned out different. My health let me down. At first I listened to my ex because of my sons loss but my actions or inaction made him loose his case. Blaise is not the devil. If you live in Mount Lebanon be proud, you made it and you got the best darn police force around. And you get to hop knob with intelligent individuals. Maybe my life will get better. I would move there in a second, only if he’s still in charge. But until then with the bad luck I’ve been having, I am going to avoid that area for a long time. Oh he has compassion but everyone has problems get a therapist.

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