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A Wordle a day

A screen grab of the opening page for Wordle.
Wordle has taken the world by storm.

Growing up, I was never one for trends. I wasn’t a die-hard *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys follower. Lost and Game of Thrones still exist nowhere on my radar. But there’s one new craze that was just unavoidable. If you don’t play it, you know someone who does.

Wordle gained popularity around December and is trending full steam ahead. The simple five-letter word game always leaves players wanting more with its daily one-word limit. In fact, it’s become so popular, knockoffs are popping up everywhere. There’s Quordle for the word nerds who need more than one. Heardle asks players to guess the song and artist after listening to small sound bites. And don’t forget about Nerdle for the numbers people; and Yeardle for the history gurus. There’s truly something for everyone.

When I saw the Tetris-looking results popping up on Facebook and Instagram I tried to resist. Not knowing what the game was all about, I was worried it would be just another time suck similar to the infamous Candy Crush. But after a Saturday long run with friends, I was introduced to Wordle. My friend Jon opened up his game while we sipped our coffees and warmed up post-run and gave me the lowdown.

The word is always five letters. You get six tries and only one word a day. As you guess, the letters change colors. Green means it’s in the word and in the correct spot. Yellow, it’s in the word, but is not in the correct spot. Grey, it’s not in the word at all. It’s also very, very important to keep the word to yourself until everyone who plays had the chance to play. There’s no bigger buzzkill than having your game cut short because someone let the cat out of the bag. Hints are a no-no as well.

Once I learned the simplicity of the game I was hooked. There was no app, no purchases, and no way possible to buy an extra life.

As crazy as it sounds, it gives me something to look forward to every morning. Before the day starts, I sip my coffee and test my smarts scrambling the letters until all the squares on the screen light green. The best part is having a Wordle friend. Every day I swap scores with Jon. (Even my dad is in on it now.) It seems small, but for some reason this short, simple exchange puts a smile on my face every morning. It’s the perfect jumpstart to the day.

Do you play Wordle? Share your Wordle strategy in the comments!


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    I play at 12:01 everyday. Loved your post

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