Aerial view of Mt. Lebanon municipal building.
Photo: John Schisler

Mt. Lebanon came into existence on February 6, 1912, when it was granted township status by the Allegheny County Court of Quarter Sessions, following a referendum that allowed it to separate from Scott Township.

A century and almost a decade later, the municipality has a total combined budget of $59.5 million (up from $5,315 in 1912), more than 100 full-time employees, and close to 100 vehicles, ranging from fire engines to sewer flushers to Zambonis. Municipal Manager Keith McGill oversees the municipality and his role is similar to that of a corporate CEO. McGill takes direction from a five-member board of commissioners.

The municipal building at 710 Washington Road houses the municipal departments and offices of finance, tax, information technology, planning, inspection, commercial districts, human resources, public works administration and public information. The police and fire departments are located in the public safety center, 555 Washington Road; the Mt. Lebanon Public Library is at 16 Castle Shannon Boulevard; the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center is at 900 Cedar Boulevard and the public works facility is at 1250 Lindendale Road.



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