an enriching summer

I will always remember this summer thanks to the great opportunity I received. Working at Mt. Lebanon Magazine as an intern has taught me a great deal of skills I will use not only when continuing my education at Duquesne University, but in life and a future job application.

This summer I grew as a writer and learned how to get information across in as little room as possible. I have also learned different styles of writing that have made me a more well-rounded writer. Interviewing people over the summer greatly improved my interpersonal, interviewing and communication skills. These communication skills have not only developed in person but helped when I talked to people over the phone, too. In the process of interviewing people and even looking back on my notes, I can now pick out quotes that would be an addition to the story.

As new issues of the magazine were published each month and articles are always being posted online, I always had work to do. Multitasking and learning to work to meet deadlines also was important. Over the course of the summer, my self-confidence increased immensely. Before starting this summer, I was afraid because I had never worked for anyone and had never written articles like this. Then I remembered that my writing skills were what got me this position to begin with. Everyone offered to help me with whatever I didn’t know. Working professionally alongside supervisors was a great experience for the future. Since this was my first actual job, this experience was priceless and I cannot thank Mt. Lebanon Magazine and all the people who work there enough for helping me grow personally and professionally.


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