Dress to impress

Architectural rendering of a new clothing storefront
David Alan Clothing, a high-end boutique, is set to open at 620 Washington Road in April or May. davidalanclothing.com.

David Alan is a sought-after stylist to the stars. Now, he’s bringing his personal brand of custom clothing and ready-to-wear lines for men and women to Uptown.

April or May is the target date for David Alan Clothing to set up shop in the space vacated by PNC Bank, 620 Washington Road.

Alan’s mission is to make it “cool” to dress up again.

Before he started styling celebrities and professional athletes like John Cena, Alan was a medical sales rep who soon realized the value of a well put-together outfit. It seemed something other than a traditional navy or black suit got him noticed. “I felt like I got a lot more respect,” he said. He was convinced changing the way he was perceived in public would make him want to work harder and longer and be more successful.

The Finleyville native and Duquesne University graduate has been a full-time entrepreneur in the fashion world for the past eight years, working with stars and celebrities from around the world—from musicians and actors to athletes to entrepreneurs like himself.

“My goal was to try to bring back styles of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s when everybody wore suiting, or professional wear, all the time and put a modern-day twist on that,” he said.

Early on, Alan was fortunate to gain a lot of support from the celebrity and athlete communities without having to invest in marketing or advertising. “For the first several years, it was purely word of mouth. Everybody we’ve ever connected with reached out to us through our network,” he said.

It was Alan’s philanthropy that helped establish that network. When he threw his first fashion show in 2016 to raise money for breast cancer awareness, more than 300 people attended. Since then, he’s flown in dozens of celebrities from across the country for fashion shows that benefit a different charity each year. So far, he’s raised about $350,000.

Offering a unique experience is the goal for David Alan Clothing’s new Mt. Lebanon headquarters.  “In today’s day and age, experience is everything and we really strive for perfection,” he said.

Customers visiting the Uptown location will find a lounge area with a bar serving coffee, espresso and alcohol. Retail and shoe areas will be graced by a glass-enclosed podcast studio that will host celebrities and athletes from across the country. At a glance, shoppers might spot a musician, NFL player, WWE wrestler or social media star in the booth.

Alan, who currently operates an appointment-only location near his Mt. Washington home, plans to move to Mt. Lebanon in a year or two to be closer to his new headquarters. “As a community, I just enjoy every aspect of Mt. Lebanon,” Alan said. “It has such a great feel about it, we decided it’s the right space for us.”