Family friendly ways to celebrate Spring in Lebo

The Peepcess Bride was submitted for the contest in past years.

We’re sad too that the Easter Bunny had to cancel the egg hunt in Lebo this year. But, don’t worry, there’s a lot that you can do from home—or six feet apart—to have fun this spring! 

The Mt. Lebanon Public Library is hopping with activities for kids and adults alike. We’ve put together a list of some of their top spring-related activities for youngsters of all ages to welcome in the new season (We also scoured the web to find fun Easter-related activities that you can do at home!).

“The library is still here for the community. We’re open. We’re circulating lots of books. Take advantage of it,” said Connie Matthews, senior children’s librarian. 

It’s Peep Diorama Time

This is the sixth straight year that the Mt. Lebanon Library’s Children Department has hosted a marshmallow peep event, where kids and families are challenged to create book-themed dioramas using the squishy candy. 

“It’s fun. It’s something that’s interactive. People really seem to like it,” Matthews said. 

The rules for the contest are fairly simple: Create a diorama around the book of your choice. Utilize peeps to create the scene (a shoebox or empty tissue box often makes a great backdrop) Snap a photo and submit it to by March 31. 

Typically, the library receives as many as 40 dioramas for the contest each year. Popular themes in the past have included The Hunger Peeps and Harry Peeper. The main rule is that the diorama must have a literary theme. 

“We do have a lot of people that look forward to it every year,” Matthews said. While adults didn’t used to have their own category, they were known on a few occasions to submit them just for fun. Even Mt. Lebanon Magazine participated in the contest a few years ago. Didn’t we do a good job? 

This year, the contest has a new adult category for those who are 18+. Other categories include kids (grade 5 and younger), teens (grades 6-12) and family (mixed ages or adult help). 

Hidden Figures

If you’re interested in participating, you better hurry up! The deadline ends soon—photos are due March 31, so maybe give this a try this weekend!  If you just want to watch the fun,  photos will be posted online in early April for you to vote (the peeps will not be on display at the library this year, as they had been in past years).  

All of the details can be found here! 

Plants n’at

Spring is blooming and the Mt. Lebanon Public Library has teamed up with Phipps Conservatory (the place that knows plants best!) to offer classes for youngsters ages 4-10. 

On April 13, Phipps speakers will be giving gardening wisdom in the the Garden to Table program, funded through Matt’s Maker Space. On May 11, they’ll be back to teach about bees and pollination. 

Ages 4-6 will meet online at 4 p.m. and ages 7-10 will gather digitally at 5:30 p.m. on both April 13 and May 11. Registration can be done online! 

Nature Challenge

Join the City Nature Challenge with the Audubon Society from April 30-May 1. On April 29 at 4 p.m., the Mt. Lebanon Public Library will teach you how to participate in this giant nature scavenger hunt. Oh, and you can practice finding some online critters and identifying them. This program is for youngsters in second grade and above and their families.

For more information, contact the Children’s Department at 412-531-1912, ext. 4 or

Virtual gardening

Teens (sixth grade and up!) are invited to learn more about herb gardening through the library’s virtual herb gardening series, posted each Thursday on Instagram. Watch herbs sprout from seed to plant via weekly Instagram updates, then take the survey at the end of the process to adopt your own pet herb plant!

Check out their Instagram here for all kinds of cool stuff! 

Fun crafts for the family!

If you’re stuck at home with the kiddos, here are some fun, easy craft ideas that we found online to celebrate the season:

Know another way to celebrate the start of spring in Lebo? Let us know in the comments!

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