Finish Lines: Sparky

Sparky the Fire Dog has been visiting schools and coming to special events in Mt. Lebanon for about 30 years. Even though that amounts to 210 dog years, Sparky still can stop, drop and roll like nobody’s business. 

Why is there an association with Dalmatians and fire companies?

When my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand-dog was a fire dog, dalmatians were best friends with the horses that pulled the fire engines.

Do you get nervous before public events? How do you prepare?

I love public events! I get to meet so many people and there are so many wonderful smells! I prepare every day with my favorite fire hydrant squeak toy!! 

If you had to choose between a fresh bowl of food and a fire hydrant, which would you pick?

Fire hydrant all day long! They carry the water that helps us put out the fires!

What’s your favorite fire prevention tip?

Sparky would like to remind everyone that when they are cooking on the stove, to stay in the kitchen, and make sure to give the scraps to your dog!!!