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It’s a snowy Saturday afternoon at Savvy Fox, 1964 Greentree Road, and the place is packed. A few people are dropping off some things they’d like to sell, but most are looking for treasures.  As I pass by the furniture in the front of the store, I hear a woman say to her friend, “This is really good quality, and the price is really reasonable.” She’s talking about a dark cherry highboy, in nearly perfect condition. Her friend, meanwhile, is absorbed in the Easter tchotchkes.highboy

I make a beeline for the clothing section in my size. Conveniently, everything is arranged by color, making it extra easy for me to feed my obsession with black. Signs are posted everywhere telling customers that yellow and lime green price tags are discounted 50% and 75%. The discount colors change every month, as newer things cycle in and older things need to be cycled out. In the back of the store are even deeper discounts with many items priced at $3.

If you’re a fan of resale retail, this is one of the best consignment shops around. If you’re nervous about wearing used items, you’ll be surprised to find many brand new items with original tags. Personally, I have no problem wearing gently used clothing, and today I find two $3 items that fit me perfectly. And best of all, I pay nothing at all because I have a credit on my account.Savvy Fox Jewelry

Besides the great stuff I always manage to find, I sell more items here than any other store I’ve tried. Savvy Fox charges a one-time fee of $20 to new consignors, after which the consignor receives 50 percent of the sale of their items. Even though this is the only place I’ve encountered that charges a set-up fee, it’s paid for itself 10 times over. They are now accepting transitional clothes, so I’ll be back soon with spring appropriate clothes on hangers (the only way they’ll accept them). Just be sure that your clothes are relatively new, and in excellent condition (a policy that may seem confining when you’re selling, but you’ll be rejoicing over their high standards when you’re shopping).


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    Thanks Ms. Cicozi! It’s articles such as these that make our staff feel appreciated for the constant hard work displaying, resets as items are sold, and quality standards Savvy’s become known for!

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