From North to South

My name is Geena Provenzano, and this fall I will be a senior at Point Park University. I am studying (you guessed it) Journalism and Public Relations. My college career has been quite interesting, to say the leaststarting at Ohio University, taking time off at home, going back to Ohio University, then finally settling at Point Park. Although a whirlwind, I’m very glad this is where I ended up. I have had so many opportunities in just a short period of time, like writing for The Globe, our awardwinning campus newspaper.  

I graduated from Mars High School In 2017, so you may be asking, What is she doing here? What I love about Pittsburgh is that every area has something unique and special about it. I enjoy exploring different neighborhoods’ restaurants and shops, and meeting new people. So, I am very excited to immerse myself in the Mt. Lebanon community and its culture.  

When I’m not writing, you will likely find me at Nordstrom, where I have worked for five years. My favorite part is getting to meet so many different people and helping them bring out their personalities through style. I have loved fashion ever since I was little, so it’s the perfect fit. My fondest memories as a child definitely involve playing dressup and giving makeovers. I even created my own America’s Next Top Model and filmed What Not to Wear videos in my mother’s closet. In addition to working at Nordstrom, I have also written for Thread Magazine, as well as my own fashion blog. My dream would be to incorporate both my passionsfashion and writing, into my career 

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