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My parents thought something was wrong with my little sister. They couldn’t imagine why she would launch the picture books I had loved over her crib’s rails, tossing them on the hardwood floor.

After two more kids, however, my parents quickly realized I was the odd one. While my two sisters and brother would cry for their plastic toys, I sat perched on the couch, my hands clutching a library book. Growing up, Harry Potter was my best friend, and Narnia became my backyard. Even in high school, I had to carry textbooks in my arms because my backpack was bursting with the latest bestsellers. Jessica_blog

My decision to major in English at Seton Hill University, then, came as no surprise. Numbers and chemical equations were as foreign to me as learning Russian. Essays and poems, on the other hand, came effortlessly (well, most of the time). So, what could be better than turning my love for books into an actual career?

Forget crowded concerts or shopping malls. Just give me a novel and comfy chair. But, when not reading or typing away at a keyboard, I’m probably exercising or exploring the outside. Kayaking, hiking, camping… Unlike TV, which now seems to play nothing but reruns, nature always has something new to offer.

And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love food. My dad, self-proclaimed family chef, shudders at the very mention of microwave dinners or Ramen noodles. Instead, meals often consist of anything from Thai to German to Southern cuisine. I could probably eat five trays of sushi without blinking, although any seafood will do. As a college junior too, coffee is a daily necessity.

This summer, I’m excited to intern with Mt. Lebanon Magazine. Although analyzing sonnets or critiquing novels is fun, I’m eager to get the chance to gain first-hand experience in the publishing world. I hope I can keep up!

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