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When you live in a city as vibrant as Pittsburgh, there’s no excuse for just sitting around with visiting relatives, staring at your coffee mugs. Here’s a breakdown of some of the ways to show off your town this summer while making some genuinely amazing family memories. For extra convenience, I’ve organized them by type of visitor. (And they say I’m Type A! The very idea!)

Your brother: Think North Shore. Rent kayaks from Venture Outdoors and spend some time on the three rivers. Then, it’s all about the Bucs, of course.

For a lower-key experience, try hiking and swimming at Raccoon Creek State Park. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head to Primanti’s for some genuine ‘Burgh burgers. Spend the rest of the evening hanging out at Hitchhiker with a few beers. Check out the stash of vintage board and card games, and grab a couple to play on the back patio. Or just sit in silence, as dudes sometimes do.

Your sister: Wake up your body and mind with a yoga session. Pittsburgh has a variety of options for practicing yoga, both indoor and outdoor. Or, try the free yoga in Market Square every Sunday at 10 a.m. Then, meander through Phipps and take in their latest flower show and maybe even a free-with-admission class. When you get hungry, grab pizzas and drinks at Oakland staple Fuel and Fuddle. In the evening, catch a movie in your park of choice with Cinema in the Park.

Your parents: They will be up early, because that’s just how parents are. It’s your own fault for making them get up with you at the crack of dawn all those years! Anyway, after a hearty breakfast at Pamela’s, move outside for some berry picking. Trax Farms has wonderful blueberries, although you do need to call ahead to confirm that the berries are ready.

Once you have the berries and some produce from the farm store, head home and get your bake on. Set mom and dad to mixing up blueberry muffins and a fresh salad for lunch. After lunch, you can nap at the pool while your parents swim laps or play with the grandkids.

If it’s raining, take them to the Frick for a tour of Clayton and the Car and Carriage Museum. Reservations strongly recommended, so try to make your plans before your parents get into town.

Order dinner in, or if it’s your in-laws and you’d like to impress, take them out for some amazing ethnic cuisine. May I recommend Tana, La Feria, or Spice Island Tea House?

I know I’ve only been able to mention a few of the many wonderful things to do in the Burgh. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!




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