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Excuses. I hear them all the time – at home, at work, at the grocery store, on the T, shouted from a vehicle as he ignores the light and nearly runs me over (Excuse: “I’m late for a meeting!”) – yes, everywhere. And being in the world of health and fitness, I probably hear them more than the average person.

“I don’t have time…” “I don’t have enough money…” “I don’t know where to begin…”  and on and on and on. Really, people, it is time to STOP the excuses!yoga

If you are a resident of Mt. Lebanon or the surrounding areas, there is absolutely no excuse to sit around. Seriously, this place is teeming with opportunities for physical activity. Over the next few months, I am planning to visit and rate some of the fitness classes offered in our area as well as write about some of my favorite running routes. I’ll also be letting you all know about local activities that will get your heart pumping. And guess what?! Many of them are free or low cost – BONUS!

Are you curious about any gyms in the area? Have you found a “perfect loop” for running that you’d like to share with me? Is there an event coming up that you would like to see featured here? Shoot me an email at with your idea.

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