Gobbling up the deals

If you’re anything like me, you love getting a deal. In the past few years, I’ve hit some milestones requiring temporary clothing such as maternity and infant wear. Who wants to pay full price for something you’ll use a couple times at best?

Then again, who has time to go to thrift stores anymore? No worries, the Internet is here to save us once again! Here are a few convenient options for going secondhand.

Craigslist: Remember Craigslist? It’s still relevant, guys. I got a like-new changing table for $20. It was delivered fully assembled to my door by its previous owner. I absolutely love it and wouldn’t have been able to find anything quite like it brand new.

Goodwill: Did you know Goodwill has an online auction store? Neither did I, until yesterday. Stores from across the country participate, so there’s a ton of stuff. Like most of these sites, you can filter down to the type of item for which you’re looking. A quick glance at the featured items shows a FitBit Flex.

Thredup: This is an online consignment shop for women and children’s clothes. Frankly, it seems like a ripoff, especially for kid’s clothes. One basic gray long-sleeve bodysuit from Carter’s with the tags still on is priced at $13.99, with the site claiming the item is 30 percent off retail. Meanwhile, if you simply compare at carters.com, you can find packs of four of these for $14.00 total. Have any readers had a good experience?

Yes, that is a turkey made of pipe cleaners

Swap.com: Purports to be the “largest online consignment and thrift store for women’s and men’s apparel, baby, kid’s items and accessories.” Skimming through their offerings, it looks like some cute finds at reasonable prices.

So, there are some websites definitely worth checking out. Of course, if you’re someone who still likes to shop in person, there are options for that, too. Church rummage sales are a great way to score obscure finds on the cheap. Where else could you get a turkey make entirely of pipe cleaners? For that person on your Christmas list who has everything, ask yourself: does that person have a pipe cleaner turkey? If not, better get on it. My church, Mt. Lebanon United Methodist, has two rummage sales a year. For more rummage sale listings along with estate sales, moving sales, and more, go to the Pittsburgh Craigslist site and click on “for sale” and “garage sales.”

Thrifting not only saves money, it’s also a form of recycling. Unfortunately, the manufacturing of clothes carries a substantial carbon footprint. When you reuse already existing clothes, you extend the longevity of garments and help reduce that carbon footprint. So let’s get thrifting!

Where do you like to shop for secondhand items, and what is the best deal you’ve gotten? Let us know in the comments!

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