good bye to the good buys, for now

The sun set last night on the last Mt. Lebanon Lions Farmers Market of the season.

It set very prettily, reminding the remaining vendors and regulars how mostly blessed this Wednesday market has been, weather-wise and otherwise.

Many of the vendors were in Halloween costumes and all of them seemed to be in a good mood, as were the customers, even if some of the customers were a little sad.

I know I was.

I made my usual rounds, congratulating everyone on a great season, and telling them, “See you next year.” That only made me more sad.

Frank from Paul’s Orchard I gave a hug.

Farmer market end

“This is my last hurrah here,” one regular customer told Jane Dillner, the farmer in the teal top behind the tables at the Dillner Family Farm stand in the photo above.

“Stock up,” Mrs. Dillner said, as she still had plenty of beautiful bounty available.

My family and I bought apples, Asian pears, French bread, ground beef and raspberry-apple cider.

“You get your Wednesday nights back,” I told a couple of the vendors, most of whom, quite frankly, are ready for a break.

But I and the other regular customers sort of lose our Wednesday evenings until the market reopens in the spring.

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