green up your home

After this long, cold, winter, my husband and I are convinced that it is time to look into making our home more efficient. Since we moved in to our 1924 “fixer,” we’ve done a lot of work, and used energy efficient upgrades at every turn. Yet even with a new furnace, our bills this winter were sky-high.

My first step was to try out Duquesne Light’s online energy audit. It was a short survey, and it created a report for you to get started on making your home more energy efficient. I didn’t find it overly useful, but as a bonus, you get a free package with CFL light bulbs, LED night lights, an energy efficient power strip, and a booklet on saving energy at home. energy

With all the work to be done around here, we can get behind saving green of the other kind, too! It was worth five minutes of my time to get the free stuff!


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