half-priced wine in a half-full glass

On a recent dreary Wednesday, one of my best local gal pals reminded me that far too much time had passed since we’d last enjoyed some cocktails, an all-too-familiar occurrence. I wish I could, just once, be the reminder and not the remindee. But, on the positive side, I’m happy to know that I have good friends who reach out, even when it’s definitely my turn to do so.

For months now, I have been repeatedly finishing up what seems like my longest, most stressful day at work yet and wondering what time is considered “too early” to officially go to bed. Often I can’t resist the plush, enveloping goodness of my oversized sofa and the warm embrace of HGTV. Have I mistaken a rut for comfort? Perhaps my gal pal would agree.

Luckily, there are two Lebo establishments within two miles of my home offering half-price wine on Wednesdays. For many people, wine provides the means to unwind. On that particular Wednesday, I thought that a heaping helping of unwinding was exactly what I needed. I was wrong.wine

Those few hours set into motion a new plan for less girl talk and more girl action. No more casual promises of “we should do this more often.” In the coming weeks we would stick to a standing appointment to get out and get moving! Sometimes a friend reminds you that the glass is half full; you have it pretty good.

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