lebo to D.C. and back again

Just two days ago, I decided to end my freshman year the way it began. Walking a short four blocks from my dorm, I reached my destination and sat cross-legged on the ground. Resting my back against the Washington Monument, I gazed out at the scenery—the Lincoln Monument in the distance, families of tourists snapping selfies and best of all, the President of the United States returning to the residence in his motorcade. Only eight short months ago, I was one of those tourists in D.C., a city that I have now come to know and love.image-1

Reflecting on my first year at the George Washington University, I thought about the incredible classes, the journalists and politicians I met and, most of all, the friendships that will last a lifetime. I realized, though, that while I can’t wait to return to D.C., Mt. Lebanon will always be home.image-2

Like most teenagers in Lebo, I couldn’t wait to burst the bubble and strike out on my own. However, after a year of city living, I’ve come to greatly appreciate Mt. Lebanon’s suburban charm.

For one, Lebo is a lot quieter than Foggy Bottom. Located just three blocks from the White House, campus is never dull. Coming home, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I still have the ability to fall asleep without the lulling sounds of sirens and angry politicians.

Another perk suburbia has to offer—safety. I love to walk and on breaks from school, I always take long walks through Virginia Manor. While Foggy Bottom isn’t inherently unsafe, I feel more secure pounding the pavement in the Manor than in DuPont Circle. The scenery may not be as exciting, but my nerves appreciate the change in pace.

Madeline Sklar
Madeline Sklar

I think my wallet is even happier than I am to be back. Not only is the sales tax 3 percent higher in the District, but pizza costs $3 a slice! My appreciation for Mineo’s has reached an all-time high.

While Lebo boasts many great qualities, the community—friends I went to school with, neighbors who watched me grow up and, of course, family—is unparalleled. Reuniting with those neighbors, friends and family after a long eight month transition is the best reward I could ask for.

As a 2015 Lebo grad, I am overjoyed to be back in this wonderful community for the summer. And I am even more grateful to continue my journalism education as the MTL–Mt. Lebanon Magazine’s summer intern.

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