Needle & Bean opens on Castle Shannon

Man in coffee shop
Needle & Bean owner Mike Butala spent the last year getting his Castle Shannon Boulevard business ready for customers.

Mike Butala is living his dream. Surrounded by the aroma of fresh coffee brewing and the smooth sounds of his favorite music, he’s managed to turn his two passions into one of Mt. Lebanon’s most anticipated new businesses.

Needle & Bean, a coffee shop and vinyl record store, is located at 320 Castle Shannon Boulevard, the former site of Northside Carpet. Butala has been working on opening the spot since August, 2022.

“Going from a mercantile … establishment to a restaurant, per se, has a lot of requirements. There’s a surprising number of checked boxes that apply when you get [reclassified under the building code] like that,” Butala said.

According to customers, it was worth the wait. “We’re so excited. We’ve been waiting for you to open,” said Alice Maunz, Sunset Hills.

“Coffee and records. My two weaknesses,” said Brian Magee, Rocklynn Place, who’s been following the store’s progress intently and peeking in every time he drove by.

The music you hear playing when you walk in for a pastry and a cup of coffee will be available for purchase. In addition to stocking what’s popular, Butala is also trying to showcase independent artists. “Music you won’t hear on the radio,” he said.

Espressos, Americanos, lattes, drip coffee and tea are on the menu at the coffee bar, in addition to pastries from Potomac Bakery in Dormont. Needle & Bean is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday through Monday.

Photography by Drew Moniot