Now Open: Mullett’s on Beverly

Marissa and Colin Mullett’s namesake cocktail bar is open on Beverly Road.

Mt. Lebanon is home to a new cocktail bar. Mullett’s, 297 Beverly Road, replaces Mexican-themed restaurant Taco Diablo, which closed its doors December 31, 2022.

The brother-sister team of Colin and Marissa Mullett took over management of Taco Diablo the week the pandemic shut everything down.  Later, when it became an uphill battle, with Taco Diablo never regaining pre-pandemic sales, Colin and Marissa knew it was time to pivot. They decided to revamp and create something they feel was lacking in the South Hills. “There are a lot of bars and restaurants in the South Hills, but we’re trying to bring more of an intimate spot; a very cocktail focused bar, open later with lots of shareable plates,” said Marissa. Draft beers and wine are also on the menu.

Gone is the colorful mural that greeted Taco Diablo customers. Instead, fresh paint, lighting, glassware, flooring and all new bar shelves adorn the new establishment.

Colin, McCully Street, and Marissa are running the day-to-day operations, while their father, Jim, White Oak Circle, is President and CFO. High school friend Gabe Bevilacqua is head chef. The Mulletts are collaborating tangentially with Jeff and Carol Iovino, owners of Café io and io Deli, who happen to be former owners of Taco Diablo.

As head chef, Bevilacqua has shifted focus from the fast, easy, quick service of Taco Diablo to a menu that allows customers to relax and hang out for longer than your typical half hour. “We’re wanting to focus on smaller plates. We’ll still have entrees and sandwiches for families to enjoy,” he said.

Meantime, Colin and Marissa have no worries about the dynamics of a brother and sister working together. They’ve done it before. “We work very well together,” Marissa said. Turns out Colin managed the bar in Southpointe where Marissa got her first job.

As for the name of the establishment, the Mulletts are used to all the jokes. “We have a running joke that you’re allowed one mullet joke, so use it wisely!” Colin said. “Mullett’s is very catchy. You will not forget it. And, it brings a nice smile to people’s faces,” Marissa said.