Oh, baby

Lee, Courtney and baby Quinn Hennessy get ready to leave St. Clair Hospital and head home to Kewanna Avenue

Lee Hennessy was having a wonderful day, even though he was standing in the rain wrestling with a seatbelt to secure a carseat base. The source of his sunny mood was Quinn, a 9-pound, 13-ounce baby girl, born February 8 at St. Clair Hospital.

Lee and Courtney, his wife, were about to take Quinn, snuggled in a blanket knitted by Lee’s mother-in-law, Jaime Clifford of Bethel Park, home to Kewanna Avenue to join Quinn’s brother, Connor, who is 7.

Lee’s spent his life in the town where he is raising his family, only straying as far as Pitt for college. He values the lifestyle Mt. Lebanon provides.

“The community is family based,” he said, pointing out that his son walks to Foster Elementary, and the family has many choices for local activities that are kid-friendly or kid based.

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