on the road for a reason

Joe Scarpaci, a Mt. Lebanon High School Distinguished Alum, lost his mother, Josie, to breast cancer in 1998, which started an incredible journey. He began using his love for biking to raise funds for breast cancer patients at Magee-Womens Hospital.

This year, Joe completed his seventh ride.yvette1

Joe’s efforts benefit patients by providing them with a comprehensive resource binder, which gives them important information about their care, room to make note of their doctor’s instructions, and a place to store important documents and paperwork.

This year’s trip spanned 613 miles from Blacksburg, VA to Magee. He got a flat tire early in the trip and sought cover during a tornado watch, but, for the most part, he had strikingly beautiful days on the road.yvette2

At points on his trip, Joe did have company, like Joe Deely and Dheva Raja, who escorted Joe across the state line from Virginia to West Virginia,yvette3 and this horse. yvette4

He also saw some strange and wonderful sights.yvette6yvette5

By the time Joe arrived at Magee, he had raised over $2,000 for breast cancer patients. At the hospital, he had the opportunity to meet staff of the Women’s Cancer Center. They told Joe about the binders, how they are used, and what they mean to the patients.yvette9yvette8

If you are interested in contributing to his efforts, please visit: http://www.mwrif.org/calendar/day_view/day:June+6,+2014%23event_762.yvette7

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