Pittsburgh hits another great list

Each year, Metropolis Magazine creates its own “most livable list” of international cities. It’s not surprising that Pittsburgh was one of only two U.S. cities to make the list for 2015, because it’s become a staple on such lists in recent years. Often, these lists cite such things as low cost of living and arts and entertainment as Pittsburgh’s strong points. Metropolis Magazine, however, credited something new: preservation.

This is great news for the historic preservation community in Pittsburgh, and it demonstrates the value of the work we do to maintain the historic character of neighborhoods throughout the region. Metropolis Magazine noted that “the local preservation community prevented the demolition of 64 historic buildings in the core downtown business area” and that historic preservation is used as a tool to support quality of life, namely by turning low-income housing into marketable historic neighborhoods.

The City of Pittsburgh currently has a dozen local historic districts, including Penn-Liberty and the Mexican War Streets. These districts are vital to preserving historic structures and the charm of the town, which makes it so scenic not only for amateur photographers but for movie studios. These buildings help the ‘Burgh look like Metropolis. While local historic districts do not come without controversy, they are valuable to the municipalities that create them, and that’s good news for Mt. Lebanon.

Virginia manor2

That is because Mt. Lebanon currently is exploring the creation of its first local historic district in Virginia Manor. Given the success of local historic districts in making Pittsburgh one of the world’s most livable cities, we know this effort isn’t just meaningful for those in the neighborhood but for residents throughout the municipality. It’s not just the schools that make this a sought-after community. It’s our charm, and as Metropolis Magazine demonstrates, preserving that charm counts for something!

You can read the complete article about Pittsburgh here: http://www.metropolismag.com/July-August-2015/The-Worlds-Most-Livable-Cities/index.php?cparticle=3&siarticle=2#Pittsburgh.

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