Architectural planning documents on a table.Municipal Planner

Ian McMeans

PH: 412-343-3620

Before any Mt. Lebanon development project larger than the building of a single-family home can begin, developers must secure approval from the planning office to ensure the project meets the requirements of the applicable ordinances.

The office is in charge of reviewing plans and shepherding developers through the initial stages of the planning process to endure compliance with the zoning code.

The planner works closely with the municipal engineer, building inspection, economic development and commercial districts offices to review plans for development.

Once plans are submitted, they go before a five-member volunteer planning board which grants preliminary approval and recommends final approval to the Commission. Projects then must receive permits from the building inspector to begin construction. The office typically receives plans for a few large-scale projects and many smaller projects a year. It also oversees the moving of property lines and studies done to determine long-term goals for Mt. Lebanon’s future.

Comprehensive Plan

Mt. Lebanon is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan so that it can be approved in 2023. A comprehensive plan is a guiding document that sets broad goals and objectives for the community, while prioritizing future projects. The Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code recommends a new comprehensive plan every 10 years. Mt. Lebanon’s last plan was approved in 2013—with about 95 percent of those goals and objectives completed or making progress. The process likely will take 12 to 18 months and will involve significant public input. At press time, the municipality was evaluating responses to a request for proposals from planning firms. See for additional information.

Parks Master Plan

Last year, Mt. Lebanon began work on a master plan for all of the municipality’s parks and greenspace and a feasibility study for a new recreation center. The municipality worked with Environmental Planning and Design on the project, and presented final recommendations to the commission in March.


Current Development Projects

Pennsylvania Boulevard

The Residences at Poplar LLC owns four adjacent parcels located on the dead-end section of Pennsylvania Boulevard. The developer is proposing to construct five duplexes on the property. The property is zoned as R-3 Residential. This section of Pennsylvania Boulevard is a private street and the developer will be improving it from the intersection with Poplar Drive to the dead end to bring it to municipal standards. The street will be dedicated to the municipality at the conclusion of the project. An application for preliminary approval has been submitted.

Castlegate Green, 2904 Castlegate Avenue

Castlegate Green is a proposed project by The Community Builders, Inc, which has an equitable interest in the property located at 2904 Castlegate Avenue. The developer is proposing to construct 51 residential units (24 townhouse units and 25 apartment units) on the parcel. There will be four townhouse units and three apartment buildings along with a building to serve as a management office. The developer will also construct associated parking, utilities, and stormwater management infrastructure to serve the development. The property is zoned R-4 Residential with a Continuing Care overlay. The project was granted final approval in 2021 and will begin construction in 2022. Find more information on the project here.

First National Bank, 315 Cochran Road

First National Bank (FNB) has a lease on the property at 315 Cochran Road. FNB is seeking to demolish the existing structure on the property and construct a commercial bank with associated parking and a drive-through. The property is zoned C-2 Commercial. Banks fall under the definition of “Retail Sales and Services,” which is a use by right in the C-2 Commercial district. Drive-throughs are a conditional use in the C-2 Commercial district. The drive-through portion of the application will require a conditional use approval.