A policeman on a bicycle, smiling standing on the sidewalk with people in the background.Chief Aaron Lauth

PH: 412-343-4016

Email: alauth@mtlebanon.org

555 Washington Rd.

The Mt. Lebanon Police Department is progressive, with a service-oriented focus, harnessing the latest technologies to combat crime and serve the community.

At full staff, the department consists of 46 sworn officers, led by police Chief Aaron Lauth. In the department, there are 32 patrol officers, investigative services, traffic services and community outreach units, along with a school resource officer and school crossing guards.

The Mt. Lebanon Police Department strives for transparency and has made its policies available online to the public at www.mtlebanonpd.org.

The department has resumed normal operations over the last several months and is pleased to continue meeting the community’s needs.

CALL 911

whenever you need to see or speak with a police officer, even if it is a non-emergency situation. The call taker will record your information and an officer will be dispatched to your location or contacted to return your call.


On-street parking is prohibited between 2 and 6 a.m. The municipality overhauled its parking rules in 2021 and now grants 20 overnight parking permissions per year per license plate. Read more about the changes here.

If you need to park on the street overnight, submit a request online before 2 a.m. and prior to parking your vehicle on the street overnight.

As always, there will be no overnight on-street parking permitted if there is an inch or more of snow or ice in the forecast.

Parking enforcement staff now utilizes automated license plate readers—where a camera automatically reads license plates—for increased efficiency.


Traffic Assessment

If you notice an ongoing, repeated traffic issue in your neighborhood that you would like for the Mt. Lebanon Police Department to review, call 412-343-4086 or email MLPD@mtlebanon.org to be added to the traffic assessment list.

The department utilizes the three E’s approach to addressing traffic concerns: engineering, education and enforcement. Officers will first determine if there is a need for changes to be made that could include anything from trimming bushes to redesigning signage. The engineering phase could include studies, with data gathered from the department’s mobile speed trailer. If studies warrant an engineering solution, the issue will be brought before the Mt. Lebanon Traffic Board. Officers also will work to educate drivers to help improve the situation.



The Mt. Lebanon Police Department offers a variety of programs and services geared toward keeping you safe, including security assessments at your home and vacation checks to ensure peace of mind while you’re traveling. Call the community outreach unit at 412-343-4068 for more.

Child Safety Seat: An officer will inspect your child seat and teach you how to properly install it. Call 412-343-4068 to set up an appointment.

Police Reports: Call 412-343-4143 to request a police report. Most reports cost $15 to produce. Reports of an incident that resulted in an arrest require a subpoena. Police will not release a juvenile’s information under any circumstances.

Lock It Up Lebo: Here’s an important reminder: Lock your vehicles and take valuables inside. Yes, that even includes your keys. Also, take measures to prevent access to your home by closing and locking doors.

Look Up Lebo: Drivers, walkers and cyclists, this one’s for you! No matter your mode of transportation, don’t forget to look up and make sure you have a clear path to safely make it to your destination.

Animal Control: The South Hills Cooperative Animal Control (SHCAC) employs full-time officers who respond to calls for wild animals, stray and lost pets, animal-related ordinance violations and humane animal concerns. For animal issues, call 911.

Vacation Cards: If you’re headed away and want officers to be aware, while providing them with emergency contacts for your residence, visit the rear lobby in the public safety center and use the phone in the entryway to contact officers and fill out a card.