Public safety

Portrait of Steve Noorbakhsh standing in front of a Mt. Lebanon fire truck.
Steve Noorbakhsh is Mt. Lebanon’s newest paid firefighter.

FIRE DEPARTMENT PROMOTES VOLUNTEER Steve Noorbakhsh joined the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department as a volunteer after participating in the Citizen’s Fire Academy in 2016. He excelled as a volunteer firefighter, for the last several years even serving as the volunteer fire company’s president. Now, he’s joining the department full time.

Noorbakhsh, of Cedar Boulevard, started as the department’s newest career lieutenant in March. He assumes the role vacated when Lt. Chris Meyers accepted a job as a career firefighter in his hometown of Richland Township, Cambria County.

Noorbakhsh, a lifelong Mt. Lebanon resident, said he has always had an interest in service.

“I liked helping out and it’s a physical outlet,” he said of why he joined the fire department. “It’s both a physical and mental challenge.”

Noorbakhsh, who previously worked as an optimization consultant for UPMC, said he’s excited for the “opportunity to continue what I’m doing as a volunteer full time.”


The culture of the department was a big part of Noorbakhsh’s decision to go full time.

“It’s the pride that everybody takes in their work and that everybody here is exceptional at what they do, and they come from all different backgrounds.”


COFFEE WITH A COP Bring your kiddos and your questions to our second Coffee with a Cop!  Details are still in the works; check for time and place.


JOGGER SAFETY The weather is starting to heat up, which means more people will be headed out for afternoon walks and evening runs. If you’re out for a run, always be sure to look both ways at intersections and wear something bright so that drivers can see you. Drivers, be sure to keep your eyes wide open for folks enjoying the warm weather. More people outside means you need to stay even more vigilant.


KIDS RIDES As you’re out there teaching your little one to ride on two wheels, don’t forget their helmet! If you need a helmet, the Mt. Lebanon Police Department has a limited free supply. You can email Cpl. Jeff Kite at or call 412-343-4068 if you need assistance.


CAR SEAT INSTALLATIONS Are you a new parent or soon to be mom and dad still learning the ropes? The Mt. Lebanon Police Department can help you install your car seat, so you have one less thing to worry about. To schedule a car seat installation or safety check, email Cpl. Jeff Kite at or call 412-343-4068.


TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN Flooding season is coming. So, now’s a good time to remember that if you see ponding on the road, don’t drive through it. You don’t know how deep it could be. If barricades are up to close the road, don’t drive past them.


Look Up Lebo logoDrivers, we’re looking at you this month. While you’re keeping your eyes out for runners, you should keep up this practice for pedestrians in general. When the crosswalk lights are flashing, be sure to stop. And when you’re stopping for a red light, leave room for folks to use the crosswalk and allow for other vehicles around you to see the person crossing.


STORM SEASON When it rains, it pours, and sometimes that means wires come down. If you see a wire on the ground, do not touch. Call 9-1-1.


FIRE EXTINGUISHER TAKEBACK The Mt. Lebanon Fire Department is planning a fire extinguisher takeback event. The date and time are still being set, so keep an eye on their social media accounts and website for more information.