Public Works/GIS

A torn up sidewalk that is being worked on by construction crew.Public Works Director
Rudy Sukal

PH: 412-343-3869


GIS Coordinator

Michael Meseck

PH: 412-343-4583




It’s impossible to walk or drive anywhere in Mt. Lebanon and not see evidence of the work that the public works department does. They repair the roads, plow the roads, fix the sidewalks, maintain the traffic lights and the Uptown light poles, plant trees on the tree lawns and in the parks, do every bit of maintenance and upkeep in the parks and in other municipal facilities. They coordinate trash pickup with our waste hauler and coordinate traffic and engineering projects with our municipal traffic consultants and engineers. The public works department has 24 full-time employees with a range of specialties, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters and mechanics.


Urban Forestry

The forestry division of the Mt. Lebanon Public Works Department maintains municipal street trees that were planted within the street right-of-way by the municipality as well as trees on municipal property such as parks and traffic islands.

If you feel there is an issue with a municipal tree, the municipality will try to address the concern as quickly as possible. If you do not have a tree in front of your house, it may be possible to purchase one and have it planted for a total cost of $155. It’s not always possible to plant a tree due to spacing requirements or utility conflicts.

To request a tree, call 412-343-3403. The forestry crew will evaluate the planting site and select the most suitable spot and type of tree for your location.  Most tree planting takes place in the fall.

If you are considering planting trees on your own, make sure you are not planting  in the street right of way, which is typically 25 feet from the centerline of the street. Call 412-343-3403 to confirm. See a list of recommendations for tree selection and additional forestry resources here.



Mt. Lebanon hosts a series of recycling events where residents can bring electronic devices and paper. The public works department also collects yard waste. See the garbage and recycling section of Although our waste hauler no longer accepts glass for recycling, the Pennsylvania Resource Council maintains three permanent dumpsters in Village Square Mall residents can drop their glass off for recycling.


The Mt. Lebanon Geographic Information System’s office is part of the public works department.  A variety of maps are available to the public through the GIS office. Maps include zoning, transitional overlay, street addresses, school districts and parks. Fill out the form found on the Maps section of the municipal website and submit it to the GIS office, or drop off the completed form at the Customer Service Center, 710 Washington Road.  Map sizes range from smaller than 11 by 17 inches, at $15 each, to larger than 17 by 22 inches, at $30 each.

The office has a selection of free, downloadable maps.  The maps include: a street with street index, school districts, parks, and zoning, neighborhoods, parking facilities, wards and districts, and National Register of Historic Places.  Printed maps can be picked up at the Customer Service Center on the first floor.

Users can view an interactive web map located in the Public Works, GIS, Public Mapping section of The map shows street names, property addresses, sanitary and storm sewer locations, building footprints, zoning districts, and contour lines.