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sauteing it forward

I am cooking curry today for a friend. His partner was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. He mentioned that last week they had so much food coming to their home they were a bit overwhelmed, so I waited a bit for their cupboards to be more spare.

A few months ago neighbors on our street took turns bringing dinner as some measure of comfort to a couple who had just lost their son. He was so young and bright.  Dinner felt insignificant.

Every so often I’ll notice a cooler on a stranger’s front porch and wonder if another circle of friends and acquaintances are making their dinner offerings, hoping to help. Four years ago when I was undergoing chemo, our family would receive dinner night after night, often from people we had only briefly met.

Organizing meals for a friend is easier with Websites like or, though a phomeal_heartne tree or emailing certainly works. It was helpful when dinner came in disposable, clearly labeled containers. Something that can go in the freezer for a later day and on into the oven to reheat (Hurray foil pans!) is a great option. It was nice having a warm meal, though it also worked to have items that could go in an oven to reheat. Most touching were the notes of encouragement or the treats for my kids tucked into the meals.  The caring manifested in lasagnas, chili, and potpies will never leave me. So now, I offer chicken curry.


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    Being a bit of a gypsy who moved a lot throughout my life, the notion of being a good neighbor was more of a quaint movie plot point to me. But since moving to Mt. Lebanon 5 years ago, I’ve learned the true meaning of circling the wagons in a neighborhood. Local friends and folks I can count have swollen my network beyond belief. Knock on wood we have not been a recipient of the meal train, but I have happily left my share of lasagne on porches. This show of simple understanding of the basic need for food and the comfort it provides is all the more savory when dropped off by a neighbor.

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