snow falling on cedars

So beautiful to behold and so fleeting, the loveliness of snow upon branches of trees and shrubs! The garden shows well spaced trees and shrubs in the land reaching out from the kitchen window, really a painting unravels before me. Winters deliver frozen crystals in waves of cold for a few days and behold a warming spell inflicts melting and comes the disappearance of nature’s frozen moisture. Immediately I am beset with the bareness of branches reaching out for more snow to brighten the day and bring joy to the otherwise drab beauty of winter. IMG_1785


Winter in the north is a blessing but one has to delight in the cold and crunch of snow under foot. I like to take a walk with my dog Sadie, a Terrier mix. And during our walk we like to meet others, be they woman or beast. The sniff, sniff of Sadie’s nose finding the trace of other animals having traipsed this same leaf covered pile of snow. Maybe it was Rickey or Cole, her neighborhood dog friends taking a walk with Charlene or Kathy. Charlene always has a treat in the bag attached to the leash. What a great way to make dogs smile. A bit of a chat with a neighbor out walking in the snow, a snuffling nose looking for a bit of that delicious treat, and then off for more walking.IMG_1788


Snow and dogs and friendly neighbors outside getting exercise, all that making winter an enjoyable season. I love this time of year with the cold, the ever-present snow and a good dog to walk and exercise me. What more could one ask for on a pleasant chilling cold day?


I should say shoveling snow from the sidewalks and driveway is what I consider fun and good exercise, with Sadie looking on.IMG_1792


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