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Driving down Washington Road is often all the affirmation you need to know why this area is called a “walking community” – it’s not just about the kids and their lack of buses. And it’s not only a walking community; It is an up and moving community. From the florescent shorts guy in the early morning hours to the woman pushing her kids in the triple stroller while the dog trots along in front of her, there is no end to the foot traffic in Mt. Lebanon. walk

There are so many great trails and walking/running/biking routes in this area! It doesn’t cost a dime to take advantage of them with some bonus calories being burned off in the process. Yay for being able to justify the mid-week trip to Chipotle!

  •  Robb Hollow Trail – This hidden gem is a 1.8 mile round trip hike. Nestled in the area behind Robb Hollow Road and Cedar Blvd, this trail provides a moderately easy trail walk with a few heart pumping ascents.  There are a few different entrances but to hike the full 1.8 miles, the best entrance is the trailhead behind the Mt. Lebanon Public Works driveway. To get there, take Cedar Blvd and turn onto Lindendale Rd. It is off to the left when you make the turn onto Lindendale Road.
  •  5K Route – Start at the Mt. Lebanon Park entrance on Cedar Blvd and make a right. Cross Cochran and continue up the hill to Washington Road. Make a right and pat yourself on the back as you pass the Municipal Building at the one mile mark. Continue to follow Washington Road, crossing Cochran again (stay strong as you resist the urge to run down that hill, back to your car). When you reach Beadling Road, make a right and pass Bird Park as you sail down the big hill and pass the 2 mile mark. You will reach Cedar Blvd at the bottom of the hill where you will simply make another right and head back to Mt. Lebanon Park.
  • 10K Route – Every April, a race is held in Mt. Lebanon called Martha’s Run. It is a 10K (6.2 mile) course so it provides us with an easy way to calculate this distance in our area. And when I say easy, I am in no way referring to this course. It is hill after hill after hill. martha
  • Gilfillan Park – This USC park is only minutes away from the heart of Mt. Lebanon. It is situated  in the area between Rt. 19 and Orr Road, not far from South Hills Village Mall. The mulched trail is a 1.25 mile loop and tends to be a popular spot for local joggers and walkers.
  •  Your Neighborhood – Directions : Leave your house. Turn right or left and start walking. One of the great benefits of living in this area is that there are many sidewalks and where there is not a sidewalk, the roads are typically wide enough to allow for some foot traffic as well. Just remember to always be safe and keep vigilant for vehicles. Check out the tips provided by the Mt. Lebanon Police Department at

 Are you still sitting here reading this blog? Get up and get moving! You’ll be glad you did.

Got a favorite route to share? Email me at and I will be sure to include it in a future blog.

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