the disappointment creeps in

This week, after a devastating disappointment in pro football, it has been a very different experience in Pittsburgh. Wherever I have gone, there has been little reaction to the Steelers’ loss.

There is a real disconnect between the fans and the National Football League. All year, I noticed that by the fourth quarter, regardless of how close the game may be, the stands are emptying. I grew up going to Steelers games with my dad. When they were young, Dad and Art Rooney played semi-pro ball together, so the Steelers were very special to our family. In those early years, the Steelers seldom won, but the fans always stayed to the bitter end.

I have had a hard time identifying with the juvenile, egotistical stuff in the end zone. Growing up we were expected to show decorum and respect for our opponents. As for the disrespect shown our anthem, I turned off a number of games when they started with this offensive behavior. I keep seeing all the young people who gave their lives so these people can make millions playing a game. If they won’t respect those sacrifices, I have a hard time respecting them or their game.

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