This Year, Give Up on Giving Up

We all do it. We promise this is going to be the year we lose the weight, the year we take up Pilates, the year we expel junk food from our lives. Whatever your vice, whatever guilt is driving you to “give up” or “pick up”  is becoming ingrained in you.

So try something new to shake things up. Instead of vowing to give up ice cream or desserts, or sign up for a gym this year, try to reposition your goals. Because we all know January 2 the gyms are packed and inspiration is high, but come February and March the footprints on the treadmills have softened and folks fall back into their usual comfortable routines.

So give a new outlook a shot… just a try. This year, here are three simple things to give up giving up on that can make a lasting impact.

In 2019, don’t give up on yourself. Do you consistently start out the new year strong but fizzle out quickly? Don’t bite off more than you can chew with a marathon of goals or one giant change. Instead, make subtle changes to your already established lifestyle and gradually make space for a new improved you. You can’t lose 20 pounds overnight, you cannot write a book or start a new business in just a week either, but you can believe in yourself immediately. Making small adjustments toward your aspirations will get you to your finish line faster than an all-out sprint.

Give up giving up on others. Force that family member or friend to join you in your quest to be a more wholesome and healthier version of yourself in 2019. Or if they have similar goals, take the steps to accomplish them together. Don’t let down, don’t give up on them. Help them and that accountability will in turn help you succeed. If you open yourself up to helping another person, that selflessness will motivate you more.

Don’t give up on the future. Is your future self more successful? Thinner? Can they run a marathon or finish the New York Times crossword each week? Do you travel around the world or spend more time with loved ones? That vision that you have in your head of who you want to be is something that you cannot lose sight of. It’s what we are all chasing, and you can certainly catch it. The key—which may seem contradictory—is that you must live in the moment. You need to make daily adjustments to reach your future self, to get to your real goals. Choices you make today will guide you, so give up giving up on yourself and others, because your future is a bright and beautiful place.

If it seems simple, it is. But do yourself a favor. Write down “Self, Others & Future” wherever you seem to frequent. Post it on your fridge, tape it to your computer, your toilet, use a sticky note on your kid’s forehead. Wherever you pass daily, use these words as a kind reminder to make 2019 different. Make it the year that puts you on a path to the future you that you want to be.

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