Welcome to life with a new puppy!

Content Creator Carrie Moniot's 16-year-old rat terrier, Jake
Content Creator Carrie Moniot’s 16-year-old rat terrier, Jake

It all started with a visit to the Rat Terrier Puppy Paws Facebook page.

Think of it as Tinder for Terriers—a place to view dozens of available rat terrier puppies across the country.

It piqued my curiosity because my husband and I were still mourning the loss of our beloved 16-year-old rat terrier, Jake, in March. Every pet owner knows the heartbreak of losing a faithful companion.

Our house was way too quiet without a dog. After all, research shows pets provide companionship, help reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and provide other health benefits, right?

As my husband and I continued debating the pros and cons of getting another dog, the window was starting to close on the availability of the pup I knew was the one for us.

Everyone has a favorite breed. Ours happens to be rat terrier.

So, on a Friday afternoon in early July when my husband was busy doing other things, I jumped in the car and took a three-hour drive to Ohio, where I soon found myself the proud owner of a 10-week-old rat terrier puppy. No second thoughts—yet!

Meet Emmy! Here, she's posing with two of her favorite toys.
Meet Emmy! Here, she’s posing with two of her favorite toys.

“Surprise! Meet Emmy,” I said to my husband as he walked in the door and I handed him a tiny puppy that instantly started licking his face.

One month later, we’re experiencing the joy and the aggravation of our angel pup/devil dog.

She’s precious when she looks up at us endearingly or falls asleep in our arms.

Two minutes later, we’re asking ourselves “how can something so cute be such a holy terror?” Or, shall I say holy terrier? And, how can something so tiny be so strong and fast? Two adults chasing a 6-pound puppy around the living room as she plays “catch me if you can” must be a hilarious sight—for her, not us!

Emmy relaxing with a toy, after zooming through the living room.
Emmy relaxing with a toy, after zooming through the living room.

We’d forgotten what it was like to have a puppy, where everything is something to bite and chew, including fingers and toes, shoelaces, the furniture and everything other than the chew toys you just spent tons of money on. Never mind that bitter apple spray that’s supposed to deter puppies from chewing. I think she actually likes the taste!

And, don’t get me started on the doggie playpen we bought, thinking it was a fun and safe place for her.  Somehow, zooming back and forth in the living room and almost knocking things over is much more entertaining.

Her trainer jokes, “You know what I call a new puppy? Buyer’s remorse!”

I’m sure all new puppy owners can relate.

However, all is forgiven the next time your new puppy snuggles on your lap, or wags her tail when you come home because she’s so excited to see you. Then you realize, you’re in for a lifetime of love and affection and all is right with the world. No second thoughts.

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