whaddah bargain!

It’s Saturday morning, and as I move my summer clothes back into my closet I pull out a few items I know I won’t really wear. Could I sell them? Are they new enough that someone else might want them? I gather up my perfectly good jeans, dress pants and sandals, and head out to Clothes Mentor in Bridgeville.

While I wait for the salesperson to evaluate my offerings, I take a few minutes to walk around the store. The store is vast, airy, clean and inviting. Aisles are wide, and clothing is neatly arranged without a sense of overcrowding. In addition to my favorite name brand clothing, often with tags still attached, there are shoes, sunglasses, purses, and jewelry. It feels like a retail store, not a resale shop.Clothes Mentor 1

When I check on my potential sales I find they’ve accepted the jeans and sandals, but my dress pants were rejected. They politely inform me that the pants were more than two years old. I’m handed cash on the spot for my first two items and I ask if they have any more running shoes than the few on display. “Take a look at Plato’s Closet,” they suggest.

Plato’s Closet is conveniently located just a few doors away from Clothes Mentor, right near Chuck E Cheese’s. This store caters to teens, with clothes in Guys and Junior sizes. If you remember the Plato’s Closet from Library Road, you will be pleasantly surprised. The quality of the clothing and the demeanor of the staff is light years ahead of the now defunct Bethel Park store. Plato's Closet 1

I quickly find almost-new running shoes by Puma, Nike, and Reebok. Nearby is an awesome display of new-looking sandals. Next to the sandals are brand new flip-flops for $1. As I purchase my selected new-to-me running shoes, I notice the impressive selection of nail polish on the sales counter, along with other impulse buy items.  Plato's Closet 2

The owner, who also owns Clothes Mentor, informs me that they sell all items between 50 percent and 75 percent off of store prices, and that sellers can expect to get one third of Plato’s Closet’s price. Most wanted items are listed on their websites, along with information about Clothes Mentor’s new free personal shopper service. All in all, it’s been a successful shopping and selling trip.

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