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*what* IS that?

Common Questions/Comments by Passers-by During Dog Walks:

1. What kind of dogs are they?

2. What are their names?

3. Are they Labradoodles?

4. Are they Newfoundlands?

5. Are they Sheepdogs?

6. Who is walking whom?

7. (In winter) They sure look warm!

8. (in summer) They must be really hot!

9. (When my daughter’s miniature dachshund joins us) The little one does all the barking!

10. Can we pet them?

Cliff Tuttle walks his furbabies
Cliff Tuttle walks his furbabies

11. Looks like my dog/ my former dog/ my daughter’s dog, only larger!

12. But the most common comment is “Beautiful dogs!”

— A few people have even taken a picture, especially with the dachshund.

— And for the record, they are Spinoni.

13. What’s a Spinoni?

— But don’t let the fact that somebody else might have asked the same question deter you. Ask away! We love it!


  1. Author’s gravatar

    Teldra, the aforementioned “little one” is jealous that she isn’t in the picture. However she still gets plenty of attention on her daily walks though Harvard Yard.

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