Wishing upon the Beverly Road tree


One of many wishes hung on the Beverly Road Christmas tree.

Over the holidays, Steve Souza, Arden Road, walked by the Beverly Road Christmas tree daily on his trips to Coffee Tree Roasters. Most days he just glanced at the tree and moved on, not paying attention to all the cards hung on the tree by children hoping to have their wishes granted. One day he wasn’t busy and stopped to read a couple. “I was glad I finally took the time to stop,” he said. “The kids didn’t disappoint. Each card was perfect.” He took pictures of the more unusual requests to show to his family.

When he showed the photos to his daughter, one of them stood out. “When she saw one that said ‘I wish for my mom and dad not to work,’ she said ‘I wish I could play with Dad more.’ That one really hit home,” he said.

The wish that hit home for Steve Souza and his daughter.

There were also wishes for super powers, a new friend, meeting Taylor Swift, bunnies and puppies–even a rubber chicken. “They all sound like great gifts to me,” Souza said.

Souza shared his photos with Mt. Lebanon Magazine, so we could share them with you!