Yoga Six Comes to The Galleria

YogaSix is opening this month at The Galleria. The name is derived from the six types of yoga classes offered at the studio, including Vinyasa, slow-paced beginner classes, hot yoga and more.

Thanks to the newfound popularity of online yoga channels like Yoga with Adriene, more people than ever are becoming amateur yogis. Luckily for them, making the leap from at-home workouts to a full-service brick-and-mortar yoga studio will be easier than ever, now that YogaSix is opening in The Galleria.

“You don’t need to be a yoga expert to come in to YogaSix and be successful. It kind of takes away the things that might make people feel nervous about stepping into a studio for the first time,” says Jarrid Danburg. He and his wife, Krissy, own the business and hope to open by the end of the month.

“Our instructors are taught a specific methodology about how to cue movement throughout the class,” says Jarrid. “Instead of mentioning what the name of the posture is, they will talk about how to breathe, what body parts should move, and then the final part is about what the posture is.”

The name YogaSix refers to their six core classes, which range in intensity and heat. Y6 101 is a slow-paced, beginner course at a lower temperature. Y6 Slow is a Vinyasa-based class, where postures are held for a bit longer. Y6 Restore occurs very low to the ground and is designed to be more energizing. Y6 Sculpt & Flow includes weight training and cardio. Y6 Hot is a detoxing class, with temperatures between 100 and 105 degrees. Y6 Power is the most intense class, also conducted in heat, and is Vinyasa-based, full-body workout. Each of these classes will be available to members who enroll on a subscription basis, but walk-ins are also welcome.

The studio has multiple classrooms, set to different temperatures. The floors in each space are cushioned, and classes will have dynamic lighting and music to encourage people to focus on themselves for the duration of the class. Normally, YogaSix would offer all of the essentials necessary to take a class, including mats, towels, filtered water, but due to the pandemic, they will ask people to bring their own supplies. Some will be available for purchase in their on-site store.

The Danburgs live in Peters Township with their three children, and they chose the Galleria location because of its proximity to many South Hills communities. “We’ve talked about going into business together for a long time,” says Krissy. “We wanted something that would ingrain us in the South Hills community, while creating a positive impact. It also gives us the ability to show our kids that we were able to build something through hard work.”

YogaSix and ClubPilates, which is also located in The Galleria, are operated by the same parent company, Xponential Fitness. For more information, or to  subscribe, visit