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Until about five years ago indoor spinning was for the outdoor cyclist during the cold winter months. Indoor spinning was a way to keep their leg strength and cardio health in check, when the snow and cold kept them from hitting the streets. Indoor bikes were basic and an instructor had you sprint, ride on a flat or a hill and kept you going with their awesome playlist.

But this is not the case today. Indoor spinning is all the rage and it’s one of the hottest new exercise trends for all ages. Used for cross training, decreased impact cardio training and just some super fun, energetic fitness training.

The benefits of indoor cycling classes are amazing. One can burn upwards of 600 calories per hour in a spinning class. There is little to no impact, which makes it a great cardio workout for folks with injuries that may be limit their ability to do impact exercises. The studios provide all of the equipment needed to spin, so the only cost to clients is the class. Of course this includes the bike but even some studios provide rental of special spinning shoes so you can clip into the bike and get a better ride. You just sign up, show up and give it up to the class!

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Who can or should do it? Spinning is for everyone. In the classes I have been to and taught (yes I am an addict and instructor) there are teenagers, young adults, baby boomers and even some older clients.

I am sure you have heard of national chains Soul Cycle and Flywheel popular in the big cities like New York, Chicago and Miami. No worries, you don’t have to travel to get this type of experience. Boutique studios are popping up all over Pittsburgh.

In fact, Mt. Lebanon residents don’t have to go far. We have three studios with unique and distinct classes for the beginner to the experienced rider. These studios take the old gym style spinning to a whole new level. They have tech lighting and sound, performance software and highly trained instructors.

Club Cycle – Located in the shopping center along Mt. Lebanon Boulevard, they just celebrated their two-year anniversary. They specialize in cycling to the beat with a live DJ and club atmosphere.  Live videos are streaming, loud music is playing and the instructor is pumping out high energy.  They have a live performance system that can track your heart rate and performance during class. They offer memberships from one class to unlimited monthly packages.  They also offer live P90x classes.

Mecka Fitness – Located next to CrossFit Mt. Lebanon on Washington Road, Mecka opened in June.  They offer a modern fitness studio that includes a cycle room with stadium seating, tech lighting and sound. Their Spivi system allows the rider to see himself or herself on the screen, which helps push them to new limits. They are the only local studio that has the ability to track your watts or power used during class. They offer a variety of classes from a beginner class, performance rides and cycle circuit classes. Memberships include both individual classes and monthly all-you-can-spin.  Their memberships can also include access to many of their other offerings such as boot camp and their new body lab (a treadmill and floor circuit) when you need a break from the bike.

Revolution Cycle – Located in the Max & Erma’s shopping center off of Cochran Road, Revolution Cycle opened this year. If you are looking for a small studio and Zen atmosphere this studio has it. Candles, great music and lots of energy is what they have to offer. Community studio with great instructors.

With all of these options there has to be a ride for everyone. I hope to see you spinning around.


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