A stroll through Pittsburgh

Mt. Lebanon Magazine photographer Robert Papke walks us through some of Pittsburgh’s parks and reservoirs. In his own words:

“I love Pittsburgh! Yes, the weather in Pittsburgh can be miserable, however our city and surrounding areas have some incredible parks, neighborhoods, cemeteries, churches, vistas and natural wonders to explore. Buckle up and be my roadie as I wander the city and our region.”

Mellon Park

Mellon Park is a gem of a green space with its stunning architectural features, its walled garden and its numerous benches offering beautiful views of the surrounding area.

The park was donated to the city in 1943 by Richard B. Mellon and all of the architectural features are original to the former estate.

The Center of The Arts building and the park hosts numerous events throughout the year.

For more information and/or directions, visit the Citiparks website. 

A statue in Mellon Park

an archway at Mellon Park

A man walks a dog in Mellon park

A sidewalk in Mellon Park

a statue in Mellon Park

Highland Park Reservoir

The Highland Park Reservoir opened in 1889 to supply clean drinking water to city residents. The reservoir recently underwent a $14 million renovation and after almost 3 years reopened to the public in mid-2020.

Please join me as I take a springtime stroll around the newly renovated reservoir and the beautiful victorian gardens that serve as the entryway to the reservoir and its grand promenade.

Overlooking the fountain at the Highland Park reservoir

a pond in the Highland Park reservoir

a fountain in the Highland Park reservoir

Herr’s Island Railroad Bridge

Built in 1890 to connect Troy Hill to Herr’s Island and its many warehouses, it was also known as The West Penn Railroad Bridge.

Spanning the Allegheny River at 64 feet and considered a Whipple Truss design, the Herr’s Island Railroad Bridge is now part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

The views offered from this fine example of our region’s industrial past are endlessly beautiful. The bridge’s entry ramp allows access for all. However parking is limited, so plan your visit accordingly and enjoy this post industrial chic gem.

Herr's bridge

A view of Pittsburgh from Herr's bridge

The Pittsburgh skyline is reflected in the water under the Herr's bridge

a view of the exterior of Herr's bridge

Pittsburgh from the Herr's bridge

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